Hey, Jess here!

Welcome to Be PowerFULL Lifestyle Club! We are a PowerFULL group of women, connected through action and accountability - leveling up every single day together. Sounds amazing, right? It is.
Here in our club, you’ll find high-level education and coaching on fat-loss, metabolic conditioning + strength training and allllll the mindset tools and tricks for building your healthy LIFESTYLE.
What we’re not for:
*Quick fixes
*Restriction diets
*One-sized-fits-all plans
*Body shaming (ourselves or others)
*Living and dying by the scale (because #muscles)
*Fitness/nutrition shaming, (“You have to do it this way!” mentality)
*1-2 Hours of cardio daily (#nothanks)
*”No excuses” mantras
*Restrictive rules/unattainable change
What we love:
*Working hard, #grittyup
*Lifting heavy shit
*Playing hard, #restbasedliving
*Taking action
*Empowering and support one another
*Make friendships/connections
*Use real world solutions
*Practicing sustainable habits
*Honing self-awareness
*Relentless positivity
As a fat-loss lifestyle coach and a personal trainer, I help busy women to get fit, find their personal power and live FULL lives. BPLC is my hub where you now have access to me in a group setting as your coach, whatever your goals may be (body change, optimal health, strength training).
What to do first:
  1. Now that you're in, head on over to “BE PowerFULL Lifestyle Club" and ask to join the community. You’ll be accepted in within 24 hours. This is where all the group communication happens!
  2. When you arrive in the group, please read the group description in the right sidebar. This is important so you know how to interact in the group. But, really, anything goes. THIS IS YOUR COMMUNITY! Use us.
  3. Check your email and confirm your subscription to the BPLC email list where you’ll get prompts regarding the monthly themes, online meet-ups and more goings on for each month.
  4. Add “Jessica Oar” and “Be PowerFULL” to your safe senders list so these emails don’t get lost in your spam folder.
  5. Within 24 hours of joining, you’ll receive an email inviting you to create your login on www.jessicaoar.com to access our member portal. Here, you’ll find EVERYTHING. It’s a treasure trove of workouts, past education, recipes and more support for your healthy lifestyle. 
--> Where to start in the portal: the “New Members – Getting Started” section where you can begin learning about fat-loss (versus weight loss). You’ll take a metabolic burner type survey and begin learning about how to start tracking your hormones for fat-loss based with the way you eat and exercise.

That's all for now! Any questions, feel free to email me directly at jess@jessicaoar.com or just post in the group and me or one of the members will help you!

Let's gooooo!

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